Fundraising for your independent school

Independent schools offer an amazing educational experience to their students. To buy the resources that are necessary to make sure that kids have the best educational experience, parents and staff may be asked to do some targeted fundraising. Here are some ideas to raise money from  sources other than parents and immediate family members. 

Ask the local community for support

If your parents and students are passionate supporters of the local community, why not ask local stores for some support? This could include asking a local coffee store to supply catering for a morning tea, asking day spas to offer vouchers for a silent auction at a quiz night or getting local corner stores to offer hampers for raffles. These donations can help to underpin fundraising events and can often be a cost-effective way for local businesses to promote themselves within the local community. You can also offer the donors extra promotion through the school newsletter and any social networks where your school has a solid profile.  

Invite your alumni back

If your independent school has been operating for a long time you may have some alumni who would be willing to support the school. It can be a good idea to keep in contact with your past students so that you can see their achievements. You can offer to host class reunions as well as sending requests for donations both for capital enhancements (such as building funds) and new programs. People that have had direct experience with the quality of educational experience that your school offers will often be some of your most passionate supporters. You can run fundraising events for these people including cocktails events where they can bid on a silent auction of local goods, student's artworks and other unique experiences. Your former students may even like to speak at the events. 

Crowd-funding special programs

Many people love a chance to support their local schools, even if they don't have children attending. Why not try a crowd-funding option where you can offer rewards such as bumper stickers designed by the students saying "I support independent schools" or photos books generated by the local children showing the school grounds and local neighbourhood? By keeping the rewards locally focused and interesting you can help to generate interest in your school as well as fundraising. 

If you are in charge of fundraising for your local independent school it's a good idea to describe how you will use the funds, and then target your fundraising message at people who are likely to be passionate about your independent school projects.  

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