Two situations in which parents should hire high school tutors for their teenagers

Here are two situations in which parents who have teenagers in high school should have their children use high school tutoring services.

Their child is worried about preparing for upcoming important exams

If a parent's teenager has expressed concern about their ability to prepare for upcoming important exams (such as the Higher School Certificate exams), then it might be a good idea for the parent to find a high school tutor for them. If a teenager isn't able to prepare themselves for these exams and ends up not passing all of them as a result of this, this could have a serious impact on their future academic prospects. They might, for example, struggle to get accepted into a university.

A tutor could be of great help to a high school student in these circumstances. This professional could teach the student how to analyse exam questions, manage their time effectively during exams and structure their answers so they can get as many points as possible for each one. The tutor could also help the student to work through the questions from sample exam papers, so they become familiar with the type of questions that tend to be on these papers and understand how they need to answer them. Additionally, a tutor could also give a student helpful feedback on their exam-paper practice sessions, and thus allow the student to pinpoint the issues they need to address so they can do well in the real exams.

Their child has fallen behind academically due to taking a long period of time off school

Sometimes, due to family issues or illness, students may need to take significant periods of time off school. If a high school student has had to do this, and now feels like they've fallen behind, it could be helpful for their parents to book them in for some tutoring sessions. A high school tutor could evaluate the student's current academic level and determine which subjects (or aspects of subjects) they need to catch up on, and then devise a tutoring plan that could help them to do this.

The customised learning plan the tutor could provide and guide the student through could help them to comprehensively cover the academic topics that they missed out on studying whilst they were absent from school. This could make the student's high school classes less stressful and confusing for them. Furthermore, it could also prevent them from continuing to fall behind, to the point where they are unable to do the high school exams that they need to, to progress to third-level education.

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