Deciding Between Private Schools and Company-Sponsored Truck License Training

In Australia, after completing secondary education, it's common for some young people choose to venture into a career in truck driving. The first step for such an individual is enrolling in truck license training to earn a commercial driver's license. The training, otherwise referred to as heavy vehicle license training, can be obtained from two different types of truck driving schools namely company-sponsored schools and privately owned driving schools. Before a student decides on where to receive their training they should have adequate knowledge of what enrolling in either type of school depicts.

Contrasting both types of schools

The cost of tuition. The cost of truck license training is a major consideration for students looking to pursue the career. For company-sponsored driving schools, the cost of training is minimal as the patron company caters for the tuition costs. On the other hand, private schools tend to be quite expensive because the tuition cost has to be fully incurred by the student upfront.

Employability after training. As far as employability is concerned, company-sponsored schools are the best guarantee for quick employment. This is because after training and receiving their commercial driving licenses, the students are guaranteed to get employed by the trucking company after they complete their training. For students who attend private driving schools, after receiving the CDL, they do not have a guarantee of immediate employment since they have to look for a trucking company that has vacant truck driving positions amongst her fleet which are not easy to come across.

Pay check after training. After training, students from private truck driving schools are free to find work with any trucking company that provides a suitable pay check and benefits. However, students from company sponsored driving school can only work for the company that sponsored their training until they repay their tuition. This is because the company deducts the tuition money they spent on training the students from their pay checks. Thus, truck drivers trained by company-sponsored schools receive a lighter pay check than their privately trained comrades.

Resources of the school. Unlike learning to drive personal cars, truck license training is a time and resource consuming course. Before deciding on any school, it's essential to ensure that it's well staffed and has a reasonable truck fleet size. An adequate staff and fleet size ensures that a student will get enough personal learning time with instructors as well as sufficient time behind the fleet especially if the school caters for a substantially large group of students at a time.

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