3 Reasons Why Hiring a Nanny Might Be The Perfect Option For Your Family

For many mothers re-entering the workforce, finding child care that can meet their practical, emotional, and financial requirements can be a tough task. Hiring a nanny is becoming an increasingly popular option for many Australian families when seeking the right care for their children.

When you imagine a nanny, thoughts of the Royal Family and Hollywood movie stars may be what first spring to mind. However, hiring a nanny isn't just for the super-wealthy these days, and many families with average incomes are utilising their services. If you're looking for child care, and you haven't considered hiring a nanny, then here are three reasons why you should.

1. Your children get one-on-one care

In the hunt for the right child care, your primary concern is most likely your children's emotional well-being. It can be difficult to imagine being separated from them and you may be concerned about the impact that a busy day care centre environment with many different carers will have on them.

When you have a nanny, your children can form a close and loving bond with a single caregiver. This is important for a child's emotional health and development. It's especially important for infants and small children, who may miss out on the attention and affection they need to thrive in a different setting.

2. Mornings will be less stressful

For busy working families, the mornings are often the most stressful time of the day. Dealing with getting the family dressed, fed, cleaned, and daycare bags packed often leaves little time to get yourself ready, let alone enjoy some quality time with your kids.

With a nanny, your mornings can be a more leisurely affair. You won't need to rush your children off to daycare before you go to work, and many of the daily tasks, such as packing lunches, bags, and bedding, will no longer be necessary. Your nanny can start work early, helping you with the morning routine and allow you time to shower and dress without an audience.

Nannies also remove the double morning stress when you realise your child is ill and can't go to their usual daycare. Normally, you or your partner would need to take the day off work, but with a nanny, your unwell child can be cared for by a person they know and adore in the comfort of your home.

3. Life will run more smoothly

Many working mothers feel like their nanny is a stand-in mum in their children's lives. Most nannies will take care of all household chores relating to the children, such as cooking, cleaning up, and laundry. Most are also happy to run errands, pick up some groceries, and do a little light housework.

When children are in daycare, you may find yourself rushing home with over-tired children, to then prepare a meal on the fly, only to realise you forgot to get bread and milk from the supermarket. By the time you've done the dinner, bath, and bedtime routine, you may feel like you've spent very little time enjoying your children's company.

A nanny will make this scenario a thing of the past. You'll come home to a tidy home and freshly bathed and well-fed children, who are ready for cuddles, stories, and a catch up on their day.

Hiring a nanny is a flexible, personal, and practical option for your children's care. With increased government subsidies for nannies plus the ever-increasing cost of day care, a nanny is also probably much more affordable than you might think. Get in touch with a reputable nanny agency in your area to see if it could be the perfect option for your family. If you have other questions about what a nanny can do, contact a nanny agency to get more information.

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